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Spotted - 2020 INSIDE Westerly Downtown, RI

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  • High Street in Westerly was a busy place on Sunday. The street was blocked off and the stores, restaurants, and bars moved out onto the sidewalks and the street. Folks were shopping, dining, and listening to band music to their hearts content.The kids and the pets really liked it too! It was a great way to spend an autumn afternoon. Photos by Karen Stellmaker
  • 9/21/2020
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  • Photos by Karen Stellmaker

Spotted - 2020 Portuguese Holy Ghost Society Autumn Fish Fry

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  • Stonington Borough has a gem of a resturant at the P.H.G.S. Hall. If you enjoy eating delicious seafood at a great price, with great service, then this is the place to be on Fridays. The menu items includes fish and chips, scallops, shrimp, and lobster rolls. On Frdiay Sept. 18th I went for a visit. ALL Covid-19 safety protocols are observed at both indoor and outdoor seating.They even have a gentleman taking phone orders all the time.This is really a nice place to chow down and enjoy getting out of your house in a safe and welcoming environment. Friday afternoon dinners are being served through October from 12-7:30 P.M. Photos by Karen Stellmaker
  • 9/19/2020
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  • Photos by Karen Stellmaker

Spotted - 2020 INSIDE Charlestown, RI

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  • Sunday, September 12th had the feel of an early autumn day. The temperatures outside were comfortably warm and NOT broiling hot. It was a day that beckoned everyone to go outside and enjoy life. That is exactly what many people did. There were quite a few visitors who were from out of state judging by the large number of non Rhode Island license plates on cars as they passed by on the roads. Welcome! Photos by Karen Stellmaker
  • 9/13/2020
  • Album ID: 2268503
  • Photos by Karen Stellmaker

Spotted - 2020 33rd Annual Charlie Stavros Memorial Beach Run

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  • The weather was near perfect for a foot race on the beach at Misquamicut on Tuesday, September 8th. Temps were in the 70s with bright sun and a gentle breeze. A number of beach goers were able to observe the race. There was also a large contingent of sea gulls and pipping plovers on hand to see the race as well. Due to Covid-19 restrictions the 56 runners were run in 6 staggered waves of 10 each with a 30 second interval between waves. There were 33 guys and 23 gals in the race, ranging in ages from 7-87 years old. The runner from furthest away was from Scotia, NY. Photos by Karen Stellmaker
  • 9/9/2020
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  • Photos by Karen Stellmaker

Spotted - 2020 INSIDE Watch Hill, RI

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  • It was a wild, windy day In Watch Hill on August 30th. The tourists were out in force dining, enjoying ice cream, or swimming at the beach. Many folks enjoyed window shopping or just taking in the views. Many of the out-of-towners were camera shy but others wanted a precious memory preserved. The shop owners and merchants were most friendly. Come on down! Photos by Karen Stellmaker
  • 8/31/2020
  • Album ID: 2267958
  • Photos by Karen Stellmaker

Spotted - 2020 INSIDE Misquamicut, RI

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  • Summertime at Misquamicut Beach is always a treat for everyone. With Covid-19 stalking us this past year a day, or weekend, at the shore is even more precious to us now. On Friday, August 21, 2020 everyone was in high spirits at the beach. Photos by Karen Stellmaker
  • 8/22/2020
  • Album ID: 2267609
  • Photos by Karen Stellmaker

Spotted - 2020 45th Annual Tom McCoy Fun Run

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  • The 45th Annual Tom McCoy Fun Run went off as planned. No little COVID-19 world wide pandemic was going to take down this event nor the 60 plus runners who lined up to run on a rather hot day. All the safety rules were followed when the runners ran in small group stages at staggered start times. Congratulations everyone! Photos by Karen Stellmaker
  • 8/6/2020
  • Album ID: 2267164
  • Photos by Karen Stellmaker

Spotted - 2020 Stonington High School Commencement

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  • You can tell this is a COVID-19 era commencement. The SHS senior class of 2020 assembled in the parking lot of the Olde Mystic Village beside I-95 with a backdrop of the Mystic Aquarium and a huge propane tank on the left. Everyone had a great time and there were plenty of car horns beeping away as the students got their diplomas. These 155 graduates showed grit, determination and humor during a difficult spring contending with a world wide pandemic, They showed true politeness on Friday evening, June 19th to all assembled. These young ladies and gentlemen are amazing and a credit to the town. Stonington Bear pride. Congratulations! Photos by Karen Stellmaker
  • 6/20/2020
  • Album ID: 2265313
  • Photos by Karen Stellmaker

Spotted - 2020 64th Annual Wheeler High School Commencement

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  • The year of the Corona Virus dramatically affected high school classes and year end commencement exercises. At Wheeler High School the administration decided to flip the usual Covid-19 commencement parade seen in other towns. On Thursday evening, June 18th, the 47 lion graduates lined the sides of streets in the village while a parade of parents, families, and towns people drove by them with brightly adorned cars, trucks, and even a tractor. The seniors took it all in stride with good cheer. They truly showed Lion Pride. Congratulations North Stonington! Way to go! Photos by Karen Stellmaker
  • 6/19/2020
  • Album ID: 2265284
  • Photos by Karen Stellmaker

Spotted - 2020 146th Annual Westerly High School Graduation

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  • What a difference a year can make. For the WHS senior class of 2020 this is the year of Covid-19. The virus may have cut short the school year by three months but the senior bulldogs came out in their glory to the Misquamicut Drive In Theater on Sunday, June 14th for a virtual graduation. Family and friends drove down to the beach for a great time topped off by the video graduation. There were smiles all around. Congratulations to the WHS Class of 2020! Photos by Karen Stellmaker
  • 6/18/2020
  • Album ID: 2265249
  • Photos by Karen Stellmaker
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